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Housing and homeownership are critical to a strong and prosperous nation. New home construction spurs productivity, creates jobs for millions of Americans and generates revenues for all levels of government.

While national policy has acknowledged the importance of the home in American family life, homeownership today is under attack. Current legislative and regulatory proposals under consideration would greatly harm home owners, home buyers, the housing market and the nation’s economy. Ultimately, millions of American families would suffer.

Policymakers should be made aware of the depth and breadth of housing’s many contributions to American society and how voters feel about homeownership and housing policy.
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South Carolina Voters Place High Priority on Homeownership, Survey Finds

A new statewide poll shows that voters in the Palmetto State believe that owning a home remains an integral part of the American Dream and that policymakers need to take active steps to protect homeownership!

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Homeownership is under attack!

Protecting it takes more than talk...
it takes ACTION!

Join us in our fight to tell lawmakers that homeownership still works for America.

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Dear Congress:

For generations of Americans, owning our home has meant owning our future…a future where our families thrive and our dreams are within reach. Homeownership is the foundation of our economy.

Today, policymakers are threatening to eliminate our nation’s long-standing commitment to homeownership. Tax, legislative and regulatory schemes would freeze out buyers by scaling back or eliminating the mortgage interest deduction and making mortgages and small business loans unaffordable and difficult to obtain.

We need your help and the help of elected officials to:

  • Protect the mortgage interest deduction. Don’t change the rules on the one tax break that has been most important in creating a stable middle class in America.
  • Make sure credit-worthy consumers and small businesses can get mortgages and loans.
  • Help resolve the foreclosure crisis.
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